Iron Age and Viking Age burials in northern Denmark

The last of the potatoes and some of the carrots (author’s photo)

Harvest time and autumn colours

Looking for the troll (author’s photo)

On an island in the fiord in Northern Denmark a troll has taken up abode and I went with my family to meet her. Her name is Pil Thousand-tounge and she is there because Thomas Dambo thought she should settle there. He is the father of many other trolls around the world, but Pil was special and needed her own island. So we went to meet her.

Still from the documentary: Belgian socialist nurses arrive in Plaza de Cataluñya, Barcelona, for 1st of May demonstrations in 1937 (1)

Las Mamás Belgas — The unknown battle of young nurses from Belgium and the Netherlands against Franco and Hitler

“They are back, Mark!”

The cry came early one morning, from downstairs, high-pitched. Kate was in the kitchen, probably preparing breakfast. He knew immediately what she meant by “they” — the chickens, the blasted chickens, five of them, two white and three brown. Again and again — they had tried…

Authors’ photo

The boy came every day. I hardly noticed him the first couple of days. He was just another child sent to ruin my peace and quiet, just another nuisance to be waved away like a fly. I had to concentrate; I could let nothing disturb me; I was engaged in…

San Gimigniano (photo Wikipedia)

It was one of those early, warm autumn evenings in Tuscany. I sat outside the local bar, enjoying my exile, comfortably seated on one of the uncomfortable chairs. The tourist season was over long ago, and the town had grown accustomed to me. …

Rhubarb cake for a quiet summer evening

Rhubarb happily growing in my garden

When I found this recipe years ago I had no idea how addicted I and my colleagues, my family and the odd guests would be.


3 eggs

250 gram castor sugar

14 spoonful rapeseed oil

Vanilla (just a bit)

100 gram ground…

Inge E. Knudsen

Mother, grandmother, history and comparative literature passionate

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